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We specialize in "pay per lead" B2B marketing, with a focus on targeting architects, property developers, building managers, CEOs and affluent businesses. Our proven lead generation strategies help generate interest in your service, resulting in high quality quotes and sales leads. Want results-driven solutions that will help you grow? Get in touch.

Get the conversation 


Consistent supply of sales leads

Our team of experts uses the latest data-driven tech to supply you with a consistent feed of potential clients who are interested in your services. 


Target your ideal businesses

We specialize in targeting architects, property developers, facilities managers, building managers, CEOs, and business owners, so you can be sure your campaign is reaching the right audience. 


Full service marketing, just pay for the results

We provide a comprehensive strategy that ensures your messages are efficiently reaching your ideal audience directly in their inbox. 


Get started today & get 10+ leads a week

You can started today and within a couple of weeks be receiving 10+ leads per week. Developers with projects who would like to chat with you, CEOs who want to redesign their offices, affluent business people with the desire for design....

Pay Per Lead Pricing

Targeted email messaging, script writing, data management and reply management. Automated follow ups to maximize your conversions.

Payment Terms

Pay 50% upfront and the remainder once the campaign has begun

Pay Per Lead

$120 per lead, minimum order 30 leads.

Extra Fees

There are no other fees!

Serious Model

Get the conversation started. Why wait?

Find our how your business can grow exponentially with Atma Digital

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